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The Root Chakra - Mulhadhara

This latest blog continues the theme of chakras. The root chakra is located at the base of your spine, at the coccyx, (between the anus and the genitals). It is linked to our basic survival instincts and influences things such as eating, drinking, emotional security, money and work.

When the root chakra is healthy you will feel grounded wherever you are or whatever you may be doing. You feel secure and rooted in the present and there is very little that can upset you in a fundamental way. Your roots are strong.

The root chakra governs the following emotions; stamina, motivation, self-confidence, purpose, passion and excitement. It creates and stimulates our feelings about ourselves, the world we live in, our right to exist, and our primal feelings such as guilt, terror, rage, joy & shame.

The colour associated with this chakra is red and when it is balanced should rotate the slowest of all your chakras and sparkle like a brilliant ruby. I give this description so that later on, if you feel you need to redress an imbalance with your root chakra, you can use positive visualisation during your meditation, or similar methods, to help you heal. To do this just picture a beautiful ruby like orb that glows and is healed, emanating sparkling red and white tones into the body.

It is connected to the Earth, giving you the energy to survive and is quite simply the root of our Earthly existence, the foundation of our physicality.

Life experiences can easily cause an imbalance in the root chakra. Misfortune, illness, loss of a loved one and the associated security they brought to your life, emotionally or financially, can cause devastation and an imbalance that can seed a negative outlook on life.

Indicative factors that demonstrate imbalances in your root chakra can be ascertained by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel grounded and in touch with your physical needs, such as stopping a chore or job when you are tired and paying attention to your health, or do you neglect yourself?

  • Are your thoughts words and actions mostly negative? Do you often criticise yourself or others, or expect the worst outcome in any scenario?

  • Do you value your loved ones and make time for them – not social media time – real time in real life on a regular basis?

  • Do you find it hard to make decisions or procrastinate or worry about what others will think of you?

  • Do you find it hard to make time for your own interests or hobbies?

Physical symptoms associated with the imbalance of the root chakra can be (this is not a definitive list):

  • Pain or discomfort in your lower body with no specific physical reason, such as in your legs, feet, knees or lower back

  • Rigid ways of thinking or OCD

  • Depression or low moods

  • Bowel problems or constipation, or issues getting rid of waste.

We are fundamentally spiritual beings. Our very existence is based in energy, (see my previous article The Heart Chakra for more on our Human Energy System). When you encounter any new person or situation, your energy will always precede you broadcasting in ways we are often unaware of. In the simplest terms, before uttering a word you have already brought your energy to the party!

Balancing your chakras is so fundamental to raising awareness of your energy and having harmony in your life. Understanding and nurturing the symbiotic relationship that is essential between mind, body and spirit will invariably result in you living a peace- filled and far happier life.

So ways to heal and balance your root chakra are always two-fold: First we need to clear and release negative thoughts and energies from our etheric chords. Secondly we need to balance and harmonise our chakras so they are of a similar size and functioning in harmony together to allow flow of energy.

  • Meditation Below is a link to a beautiful meditation

  • Listen to tones in the key of C or chant the mantra LAM (LLLL-AAAA-HH-MMM). Choose a comfortable position and chant whilst touching the index finger tip and thumb together. The focus for the root chakra is always “I am safe” so repeating these words in your mind or aloud is very effective when healing or balancing our chakras.

  • Detox your body, to eliminate any build up of waste products as remember mind body and spirit are closely linked.

  • Walk or spend time in nature. Any time spent in the arms of Mother Earth is always healing.

  • Use or carry crystals such as garnet, bloodstone, ruby, red jasper, black tourmaline, smoky quartz or obsidian to harness and use the natural channels of energy they contain and create.

  • Practise mindfulnesstechniques to bring your thoughts and energies back to the present moment, for in truth this is all we actually have. The future is promised to none, so why worry about it. Live in the present knowing that this day you are fed, clothed and alive .

  • Use positive visualisation techniques. This is particularly powerful when combined with meditation. Visualise the negative energies soaking away into Mother Earth whilst golden light flows though you, healing and replenishing your body and balancing your chakras.

Combining several or all of the above methods will benefit you greatly and will ultimately lead to life becoming more centred and peace filled for you. Your relationships will become more fulfilling and harmonious, in fact you will find that your whole quality of life will improve.

Thank you for reading my ramblings.

In humility I wish you much joy and success in creating harmony and true balance within your mind body and spirit. Remember we are all a work in progress, we live, we learn & we grow.

Peace & light to you )0(

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