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Abundance Energy Enhancing Spell Kit


This is white magic, and comes with an original, never before published spell, created by me. 

I am a spiritualist, healer & Reiki healer from a long line of healing women. 

I have never sold the skills of my craft & only do so now as I feel it will benefit humanity.

I ask that you keep my spell private and do not share it please (it is copyrighted 🙏🏽).

I include two candles and incense cones for the spell to be repeated if you would like to do that.


Each spell comes with:


†    A unique spell, printed on handmade paper.

†    A silver hug ring holds the spell wrapped up tightly.

†    Full step by step instructions on how to perform the entire ritual.

†    An invitation only link to a video, where I explain the ritual and meanings/reasons for each action and item. (Again I ask that you use this link only for yourself and do not share it 🙏🏽) This will be sent to you via electronic message after your purchase has processed.


•    Two incense cones.

•    Two colour corresponding candles.

•    A hand painted holder for your candle.

•    One tumbled crystal matching your spell.

•    Organic herbs specific to your spell.

•    Blessed sea salt.

•    Anointing oil in an adorable little glass bottle.

•    Pentagram symbol –it is one of the oldest symbols known to humans and occurs everywhere in nature.

•    Comes boxed securely.


All spells are blessed and packaged by me.

Brightest Blessings To You!



Abundance Energy Enhancing Spell Kit with free Hug Ring to energy charge & wear!

SKU: 366615376135191
  • 1 Unique White Magic Spell

    1 Silver Hug ring

    1 Silver Pentagram Charm

    2 candles

    2 incense cones

    1 Crystal

    1 bottle of Ritual Oil

    1 Sachet of Blessed Altar Herbs

    I sachet of blessed Sea Salt

    1 Candle holder

    Full written instructions

    Private link to Video giving more detailed instructions and fuller explanation of symbols, meanings and timings with the Moon cycle.

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