October 9, 2019

This week's blog is a meandering chat about a powerful mindfulness visualisation technique I have used, and continue to use, on a regular basis. 

It has helped me live through the many difficulties I have faced, whilst enabling me to remain balanced.


August 11, 2019

Burn Bright my friends! 

Whatever path you chose to take, hold onto your freedom,  embrace your wildness.  

We should never let anyone tame us or dim our light, yet so many of us do (me included). The key is to recognise 'the beast' when it...

August 11, 2019

There are many reasons why we might leave ourselves behind, but in the end, if we are lucky, we find ourselves again. We find the courage and self love to follow our dreams and rediscover our calling, our inner happiness )0(

August 10, 2019

Reason, season, lifetime... how I've learned to accept the many changes in my life and to let go when I have to.

November 22, 2018

 This blog continues the theme of chakras with my focus being the Sacral chakra or what is commonly known as the water chakra. It is our creativity, emotional and sensation-focussed pleasure centre. Located in our lower abdomen, between the pubic bone and the navel, it...

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