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Be the light you want to see in this world!

Do not look for someone to lead you - be the leader - lead by example.

Do not look for someone to save you - be part of salvation.

Anchor yourself so firmly in the light, that you are unshakeable.

The currency of this world is energy, when you see this and understand this, then you will truly treasure and value your mind and what you put in it.

Do not let others put images in your mind, do not let mainstream media program you with their misery. Instead fill your mind with love and light and images of happiness and healthy people and peace on this great Mother Gaia, home to us all.

Fill your mind with images of happy children, safe and free, happy families, with plenty of food and and joy and laughter.

Erase all images of horror and misery - this is programming - so we create a horrid world of darkness.

This is not what we want - this is not what I want - do you?

There is more than enough wealth and resources for every person to live happily.

Let us take back our world one image at a time, one thought at a time.

When you combine images, thoughts with happy emotions, you are on the creation vibration....Watch the world you manifest from there!

Unite my human family

A'ho Mitakuye Oyasin

We are one!

I love you!



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