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Protection is better than cure!

As promised, this week is a magickal blog. But a word to the wise, magic is not for all and not to be taken lightly, it is not trivial, and can very easily do and bring harm.

If your problem is a big one, I truly advise you to find a Witch/Shaman/Brahman/Priest (this is a long list, choose whichever suits you), to perform the required ritual. I’m not saying these people are in anyway greater human beings than you, they simply are more learned in their craft.

Before performing any ritual, I always spend time in quiet meditation, clearing my own energies and working to ensure that I bring only strength and light to whatever task I am about to perform. This ritual is best performed during the Waning Moon cycle, as this is best for banishing magick.

The Pentagram pictured here is something you’ll need to be familiar with if you wish to perform protection and releasing rituals using my techniques. Yes there are many more ways to skin a cat – not that I would ever do such a thing – but this is what I love about Witchcraft. Whilst there is generally agreement on plants, herbs and crystal uses and so forth, each Coven and indeed individual will have small or large variations on how they work.

A woman I know had a problem with her hair, virtually overnight it changed from being shiny and healthy to being lank and became greasy very quickly. She came to me for help and I removed the hex. Within a few days after the ritual her hair was back to its lustrous condition. Her problem was most likely caused by the ‘Evil Eye’ (The Evil Eye – definition of the Evil Eye).

A great place to purchase items for spells are: (pagan & The cures described by lucky Mojo vary according to culture. The method I give below is the one my mother, and now I, use very successfully.

Other symptoms may present themselves in the forms of unexplained rashes, acne, spates of having accidents, or bad luck…the list is quite long. (Disclaimer – If you do get a rash accompanied by temperature, any other symptoms or feel ill then please go and see your doctor!)

Ingredients & Equipment:

  • Two candles & candle stick holders

  • Sea salt – preferably rock salt in a small bowl or container

  • Sage smudge stick (ideal) or a small sage branch

  • a smallish fireproof container

  • Frankincense incense

  • Hematite, or malachite, obsidian or tigers eye and a small amount of vervain in a small pouch (optional)

  • Nettle tea – not drunk so can be made using nettles from your garden or nearby

  • Pine needles

  • St Johnswort (optional – adds ‘umph’ to your ritual)

  • Charcoal disc (optional)

  • Kiln dried sand (to protect your container from being damaged)

Salt is the a great protector and readily absorbs negative energy. Only use natural sea salt, preferably in rock crystal form. I purify a batch under the full moon each month. I suggest you read the directions a couple of times so that you are familiar with them.

Frankincense is used for protection and defence, while sandalwood is good for balance, and with an issue like Evil Eye there is imbalance in the natural.

  1. Use a sage or sage & pine smudge stick to cleanse the room/area and person or yourself, if you’re performing this ritual on you. Move in a clockwise circle around the room and person and allow the smoke to permeate through the room and lightly surround the person.

  2. Now breathe deeply and centre yourself. This is a very important part of the ritual, as your own energy is key. Ask your Deity to help you. (I call upon the Moon Goddess & Sun God). As you call upon your deities light your candles, one for your Goddess and one for your God, (be mindful of yin/yang and balance in all things ). Light each one and as you do ask them to aid you in your task.

  3. Light your incense and place it in a suitable incense holder. I use Yellow Sandalwood & Frankincense resin sticks, which I simply light and keep burning during the ritual.

  4. If using, light your charcoal disc and place it in a heat proof container with some kiln dried sand underneath to protect your container. It will need a few minutes to get going.

  5. Now you will be removing the negative energies from the person and casting them to the Earth, so you will need to take a small handful of salt in your recessive hand, (I am left handed so I use my right for this, as usually you give with your dominant and take away with your recessive hand). Then, as illustrated in my quick sketch, starting at Earth (No.1) draw your pentagram in the air in front of the person you are removing the hex from, moving from No.1 and finishing on Earth again, which is now No.6. Then starting from Earth, where you finished, draw an anti-clockwise circle around your pentagram and the person, repeat this circle 3 – 7 times depending on how negative their energy feels, and as you do repeat these or similar words;

  6. “Oh Great Mother give aid to me. I remove this hex by the power of 3. As we will it so mote it be!” I include my Mother Goddess in all my rituals, but you may vary the words to suit your faith.

  7. You then need to carefully take the salt in your hands and bury it in the Earth. Wash your hands and then continue.

  8. The final stage is blessing. Add a little pine and St Johnswort to the disc, these are plants with protective properties. Allow the smoke to permeate through the room.

  9. Centre yourself through breathing and calling upon your deity to work through you to protect and bless the person. This time I used my incense stick to trace the pentagram in front of the person and you can see from my second sketch that this time you start from Spirit, (No1) and finish on spirit.

  10. Then draw a clockwise circle around the pentagram and include the person 3 times to bless and protect the person.

  11. Finally trace the pentagram on the forehead of the person, starting from Spirit and say:

  12. “Lord and Lady twirl about. Guard (name) day and night throughout. Guide (name) through each passing hour, And grant (him/her) your protective power. From head to toe, from sky to ground, keep (name) safe and well and sound.”

  13. Douse your candles one at a time giving thanks to the God and Goddess for their assistance as you do.

  14. Optional extra, cleanse your crystals (any one of the above listed), by either leaving in the sunshine for an hour, leaving in the Moonlight overnight (under a waxing moon, full Moon is best) or passing through your incense smoke to remove the energies of anyone who has handled it previously. (At this point I would bless it and so would my coven, to charge it with light energies.) Carrying or wearing certain crystals, especially when combined with herbs, can be good for protecting you from harmful energies. After a ritual I would give the person a crystal and a small amount of vervain to carry on their person to keep them safe from further attacks.

After the ritual, the person can have a nice soak in a herbal bath (optional). This helps to cleanse any residual negative energy and boost their positive energy through relaxation.

Make a large pot of tea with organic (homegrown) nettle. After steeping for a few minutes, pour the tea into a warm bath you can also add some pine needs and rosemary, throw in some epsom salts to make it even more beneficial and any scented oils you prefer, (jasmine or sandalwood is lovely). The person can do this in their own home if that’s easier .

After the ritual bury all remnants (last bits ash etc) in the garden. I always recommend making an offering to the Gods and giving thanks. Simple ways to do this is to leave fruits and breads out for animals to feed on or planting and dedicating a nice plant or something similar and of course actually give thanks out loud with your own words, I do this in my garden or on the beach, so basically out in nature.

One final point, it’s better to protect yourself against harmful energies by wearing charmed amulets, crystals and so on, because protection is ultimately better than cure!

I have tried to explain this ritual in a way that may be accessible to someone with no background in Magick or the craft at all. I hope it was not too long and was a little bit interesting.

Remember, there is no one path, there are as many paths as there are people. Walk your path with joy!

Peace & Light to you

Blessed Be )0(

Namaste ૐ

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