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Humanity towards all Humanity

We are not children, we do not need to be directed. We are adults, free human beings on this great Mother Earth.

Fear is the currency of darkness.

Love the currency of light!

Love is the natural state of all humans, love for each other; brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, all connected, all human; and humans in their true state care for each other, it is how we partake of this great collective known as humanity. It is truly our natural state of being.

Why do we risk our own lives to help others?

Why do we see strangers in distress and instinctively want to help them?

We are connected - we are spiritual beings - and we are all connected.

We need to tap into that connection, tap into that love, the thing that comes so naturally to humans in their true state.

Do not be afraid.

Do not live in fear.

We are nearly there, waking up to the beauty of this great Mother Earth, home to us all, yet belonging to none. We are merely visitors, permitted to coexist here, for the betterment of all life on Mother Earth.

We live here for a short time, then we leave it to our children, and our children's children, taking nothing with us but the love and connections we have forged here on this planet.

These bodies that we clothe our spirits in are temporary vessels, and although temporary, they are our temples, they house our spirit, and Mother Earth gives in abundance all that we need nutritionally, that we may keep these vessels healthy. We do not need modifications to soil and how natural foods grow. We do not need chemical pesticides and other such things in our food.

Look around you, see the humans, see the spirits within them and feel empathy and sympathy; look into their eyes - they are your brothers, sisters mothers, fathers, they are your children - all of them - live in peace.

So do not live in fear my friends, live in love, in love with this planet, with all living things and with each other.

Peace and light to you my friends )0( )9(


Ceci ❤️


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