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Embrace the wildness in you

Burn Bright my friends!

Whatever path you chose to take, hold onto your freedom, embrace your wildness.

We should never let anyone tame us or dim our light, yet so many of us do (me included). The key is to recognise 'the beast' when it comes to suppress you and not fall into its trap.

Know yourself

Know your weaknesses; that they no longer hold power over you.

Trust your intuition; but to trust it, you must first know it and hear it's quiet whispers.

All quotes are from "Women who run with wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It is a truly amazing book and every woman, in fact every person with the desire to be free in mind, body and spirt should read this book.

"If a woman holds onto this gift of being old while she is young and young while she is old, she will always know what comes next."

In other words, be wise, still your mind and listen to the voice of intuition that will always guide you.

Every time you have failed or given up hope of achieving a dream or ambition, there was always the voice of the Bluebeard character, the worm tongue filling you with self sabotaging doubt.

The beast that would steal your freedom and ultimately destroy your dreams; just as it has killed all others that preceded.

“In a single human being there are many ‘beings’ all with their own vices, motives & devices.....To harness them is to banish the wildness & sparks....But what do we do with those inner beings who are quite mad & destructive without thought?

The contra naturam (against nature). It is a derisive and murderous antagonistic beast that is born into all of us, and even with the best parental nature, the intruders sole assignment is to attempt to turn all crossroads into closed roads...

It severs you from your intuitive nature... when its cruel work is done, it leaves you with a deadened feeling, feeling too frail to advance in life. Your ideas and dreams lay at your feet drained.

Though we may have mercy on the beast, our first action must be to recognise, to protect ourselves from its devastations, and ultimately to deprive it of its murderous (self sabotaging) energy."

(Women who run with wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

What can we do to cage this beast?

Give it recognition;

Give it voice;

Know it;

See it for what it is... a saboteur of your happiness... a stealer of your hopes and dreams.

Fight for the joy, for it is worthy of attaining.

For joy, even if it lasts but a moment, can leave memories that nourish us for a lifetime, and make us hunger for more.

To hold that which is precious and brings us joy and freedom from the saboteur is worth pursuing. Even as the beast within attempts to steal your joy again and again.

When you know it, you recognise it and the consequence will always inevitably be that it loses its hold on you.

Know yourself

So I reiterate: ... know your weaknesses... that they no longer rule you.... trust your intuition ... It will never fail you.

A fruitless search

If we seek only to fill our own cup in hedonistic gratification, we will spend our lives fruitlessly searching. No love, experience, beauty or drug will ever fill the void - the empty cup.

“The problem is that ego desires to feel wonderful but a yen for the paradisiacal, when combined with naïveté, makes us not fulfilled, but food for the predator”

(Women who run with wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

Whilst we do indeed need to strive to take care of ourselves in a loving way, ie we must learn to value ourselves and fully expect others to value us; for we, each of us, are unique.

Our hopes and dreams are as important as anyone else's and we need to hold onto that with all our strength and determination.

When we are children we want to be always naively happy, we expect this and resent all that would steal it. But real life is more gritty and affirming than that. We walk paths and learn lessons, but the wise still hold to their dreams and aspirations, never sacrificing them in order to fulfil another's.

However, most of us, me included, need to work on ourselves first. Familiarise ourselves with the self sabotaging voice in our head, or learned action we repeat in order to push people or opportunities away. For this is the beast, and we must know it in order to contain it and limit the damage it would wreak in our lives.

You matter and deserve to feel valued.

Don't sacrifice your dreams to fulfil someone else's, as ultimately you will end up resenting that person. If it doesn't bleed you dry emotionally, your own hopes and dreams long dead and forgotten, you will just end up leaving and wasting a whole lot of time and effort.

If you're in a relationship that is suppressing you, then release yourself, or simply make a choice - and it is always a choice whether conscious or not -to allow yourself to be heard.

Don't get sucked into the dick-sand.

(clip taken from the movie 'How to be Single')

The essential key here is to hold onto your own wildness

In truth we can only feel emotionally fulfilled by genuinely seeking to fill another’s cup & that will always require a degree of love and commitment. The dividends you will reap however, far out weigh the effort.

But in doing so, don't lose your own hopes and dreams.

If there is true harmony in your relationship, you will help each other fulfil both of your dreams.

We walk a fine line of self knowing yet striving to be a loving partner:

By this I mean that if we seek to only please ourselves, to do what we want regardless of who we hurt, we ultimately end up empty. It is important to know and understand this. Yet it is equally important to be true to yourself and your own hopes and dreams. In a soul deep connection you will mutually strive to attain and value each others hopes & dreams.

Know yourself.

When we love and

give of ourselves, we inadvertently bring ourselves happiness. We must also learn to include ourselves in that love.

Love you and in your happiness you will be able to love others. It is how our spirits thrive.

El Paraiso

When we truly allow ourselves to love without fear of hurt, rejection or unworthiness & can leave ego behind, our partner's happiness becomes more important than our own and when mutually reciprocated we may just find heaven on Earth.

Then without realising it, we happen across the rare discovery;

that we are finally happy;

finally at peace;

finally home;

our cup is overflowing... but we are still WILD & FREE!

Te amo mi amigos ❤️

Peace & light to you.

Ceci )0(

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