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A soul journey begins...

Every journey begins with a single step. Welcome to my little blog page.

Any move towards spiritual awareness, no matter how small, will inevitably cause surprisingly wide-reaching ripples in your pond. To question the norm, to move away from the established and break free of indoctrination is simultaneously empowering & terrifying.

I began as most of us do, on a path that was given to me. I was born into a family of Catholics but I was always drawn to all aspects of nature. I would spend hours in my parent’s garden playing with ladybirds and imagining fairies lived there. Now of course as an adult, I know the fairies are real 😉, I took the hallucinogenic to prove it .

For me, my awakening came slowly and then suddenly jumped up and kissed me right on my third eye! I came across a chant to draw down the Moon (energy) and pondered this for many days, right up until the next full Moon. We were driving home and I, as a passenger, looked up through the sunroof and was transfixed, so of course I grabbed my phone and whipped out the chant, I followed the instructions, focussed and bam! It hit me!

The energy of the Moon is intense, soothing and all encompassing and effects different people in different ways: For some it can fill you with overwhelming happiness, or bring tearfulness or any sensation in-between, but whichever emotion you experience you will invariably be buzzing with energy. I am not in anyway saying this path, my path, is the only way to spiritually connect with the Divine, for instance, many Christians have had similarly powerful experiences. There is no one path, and there is no right path, there is only your own path, and for me connecting with my Goddess in this way set me on my path.

I was raised to believe in a Christian God and of course was well aware of the Devil and the propaganda that pentagrams were evil, and let’s not even mention inverted pentagrams! Now I know, (in all of my wisdom ) that the five points simply represent Spirit at the top, then clockwise Air, Fire, Earth & Water.

There is nothing even remotely evil associated with this amazing symbol, in fact it has many higher meanings depending on your culture or beliefs. For me it is simply a representation of the Divine (Goddess & God) and all the elements that create life. In short, it is a representation of Life and the divine human form.

It is a naturally occurring symbol, look at starfish, many flowers, leaves, fruits and plants.

“Five, therefore, embodies the form and formation of life, the very essence of life.” ~ Sharynne MacLeod NicMacha’s article The Witches Pentacle. It is found and used in many places such as Egypt, India, Asia and Greece. So of course being the ex-Catholic that I am, I always have to smile at the entirely unfounded claims that the pentagram is an evil symbol.

The centre of the pentagram is roughly womb shaped and represents love.

The inverted pentagram is, in this context, a representation of the horned god (Pan) or the male-dominant version of the symbol. It has been claimed to be satanic and some people do in fact use this symbol to represent such things, but in everything there is light and there is darkness.

To deny its existence is foolish, but in all things we have a choice. With the centre of the pentagram being love, we have the ability to choose, to recognise and control darkness that is within all of us.

Whilst I am not against organised religion per se, I do loathe the marginalisation of women, particularly in the two big religious players, Catholicism and Islam. Women are very intiutive creatures, having the capability of connecting to higher spiritual levels with relative ease, if they are so inclined. I am not a man hater, oh no no no! I am a believer in balance to achieve harmony in all things, Yin/Yang – male/female.

One not better or worth more than the other, but equal and opposite, with the great potential to bring balance when combined in ways that recognise and celebrate our differences as well as our similarities. Our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other perfectly when they are permitted uncritically to do so.

So wow, that was a quick dip into spiritualism and a brief summary of the pentagram thrown in for good measure. As you’ve probably gathered I am a healer & wild witch. But I am not one thing, I am many. Mostly I am a spiritualist. I believe any path to enlightenment, be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism or any other belief is real if it is real for you.

There is no one path. There are as many paths as there are people.

Peace & light to you 🙏🏽⭐️

Blessed Be )0(

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