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Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others....

What a great metaphor!

We've all heard this many times onboard flights, during the safety talk, they show you how to inflate your life jacket, get into the recovery position, where the emergency exits are and they always tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else.

It's funny how in life many of us we rarely do that.

Taking care of ourselves, in mind, body and especially in spirit, is fundamental to everything we do. When we love ourselves, we feel more fulfilled.

In life we often run ourselves ragged trying to help others, usually family members, lovers or friends, putting our own needs on hold.

Many parents naturally do this, sacrificing their own needs for those of their children. I know I did this time and again as a mother, and this behaviour, whilst magnanimous, when it is continuous and left unchecked, will become detrimental to our own well being.

In relationships, we seem to fall into the trap of forgetting who we are, forgetting our own needs, as we are so eager to please someone else; to earn their approval and love. Of course these things, in a balanced relationship, will be given - and probably are given - but we often don't see it, as we're too busy running ourselves into the ground trying to be all things to all people.

When we take care of us, when I take care of myself, I simply have more to give:

I have more energy, as I've worked out and am raring to go.

I have more strength and stamina as I'm fitter, so I most definitely can keep going for longer.

I have more patience, as I feel more fulfilled with myself, and therefore am more open to give to others in a loving way.

I have more empathy, as I am more open minded, less tired, and more in tune with others and able to hear what they are trying to tell me.

So next time you think to put yourself last, no doubt in a generous and self sacrificing way, think again.

A happier healthier you is better to be around and more tolerant of others.

A new mantra

For me, this is my new mantra. I cannot fix everyone - as I used to try to do - so I concentrate on doing what I can do, but I always start with me. Not in a selfish self indulgent way, but in a loving myself way. In a way that recognises my need to be loved and cared for by me. I need to have times when I put everything on hold and put my needs and well being first, just as you do too.

I'm learning to treat myself in a way that I like to treat others.

I'm learning that my needs matter too.

Most importantly I'm learning that when I am happy, I bring the happiness with me to everyone I meet!

Take care of you

Everyday, do one thing that is just for you, whether it's a soak in the bath, or taking time to yourself to read a book, or workout, or walk in nature...anything that gives you time to think, and breathe, and just be.

Yes, some of you may say hang on a minute, I have children, I have demands on my time....

I remember only too well when my girls were little, running a bath for myself, and just as I lay back relaxing in the warm water, one of my girls would realise where I was and skip happily into the bathroom announcing that,

"Momma's in the bath!" - stripping off as they ran around in excitement adding bath toys to the tub, before holding little arms up waiting to be lifted in. I look back on those times now and am grateful for the magic and the memories; however if this is your story at the moment, then just take a few minutes to stand still and breathe. If to find yourself in the chaos of young minds and all the shenanigans of your offspring and family life, just take five minutes to centre yourself, to just be you and to love who you are.

Life is a great adventure, allow yourself to live your best life, no matter your circumstances, by taking a little time to love you.

Peace & light to you my friends.

Ceci xxx

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