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Eternal Youth - Maithuna & the Art of Tantric meditations

Our sexuality when combined with spirit can quite literally be the greatest high of our lives.

As many of us awaken from the dormant mindless hum of conformity to self awareness - and of course there are numerous paths that can lead to this awakening - we look to connect more with our higher being and hopefully find ourselves becoming more disconnected from the materialistic world we live in. Whilst we learn to let go of stresses and focus on what really matters; our inner peace and the meaningful relationships in our lives.

First some quick definitions:

  • Tantric is a Sanskrit word which means to loom or weave and is Hindu and Buddhist in origin involving mantra, meditation and ritual.

  • Maithuna is Sanskrit and means the bringing of two things into one in union in a ritual act.

  • Kriya means a completed action, like a spontaneous body movement that leads to a completed flow, a mature cleansing.

Soul Mates

In my personal experience, through all my incarnations, there is only one person you can achieve this with in each lifetime and that person is most likely your soulmate. It may be possible to achieve a deep spiritual connection with more than one, but before you experience the bliss there must first be a real connection. Read on and you will understand why...

In order for Maithuna to take place in a physical way there needs to be a joining of spirit and flesh. Joining of the flesh without a connection of spirit is simply carnal. Don't get me wrong, I do not write this from any seat of judgement. Ordinary sex may be just what you're looking for, and in most western societies this is in fact the norm, however when the spirit and flesh combine, that is when you can truly explore the deeper tri-level pleasures of Maithuna.

Spiritual connections

Maithuna can take place, as a union, purely on a spiritual or metaphysical level (non-penetrative), where you connect using your subtle bodies or spirit, and a transfer of energy occurs.

You reach the 'unstruck chord' of your lover (the heart chakra) & your combined spirits dance to the rhythm of the music as your souls create true harmony.

Most teachings refer to this experience as the couple incarnated, (with diminished egos), as the Goddess & God, (the female is Shakti and the male Shiva), and such a joining can bring about blissful sensations, waking your whole body in a truly life affirming way.

Individuality - walk your own path

As you are probably aware I have a very mixed background, with influences of catholicism, paganism, witchcraft, voodoo and hinduism all tumbled together in tiny 5ft 1" me. I view this purely as a gift to have first-hand knowledge and experience of so many paths.

It also is the reason I write so passionately about individuality and walking your own path and learning to see all experiences as a gift or a learning experience. Our sexuality is just one aspect of this individuality.

Ancient Egyptian - Ankhing

The Ancient Egyptian methods of harnessing the passion of orgasm and channelling it back into your body is a great way to re-energise and tap into a great reservoir of revitalising, youth preserving energy.

The symbol of the Ankh, depicted here, is the key to redirecting this energy.

  • To explain it in the simplest terms, during orgasm the energy that builds is released along the spine and through the top of your head towards the 7th chakra.

  • Let the sexual energy rise up your spine. As the energy builds, but just before it peaks, when it reaches your chest, you need to focus on your breathing, filling your lungs, holding your breath and visualising the Ankh, essentially the loop at the top.

  • Push the energy out through your back. (This is known as sexual ankhing.)

  • It then loops around and re-enters via the 4th chakra, the heart, through your chest & giving you a burst of energy.

  • This will ultimately slow the orgasm and prolong the whole experience.

Initially it might be best to practise this on your own until you master the method of channelling your energy.

You will know when you've managed the technique successfully as rather than feeling post coital sleepiness, you instead feel energised and raring to go.

You can also redirect this energy - almost like visualising a golden light - to areas in your body that may need healing.

3 Main Benefits of orgasm

  1. It helps prevent physical and emotional disease: Orgasmic release dispels dysfunctional energy from the body and helps prevent disease manifesting.

  2. Helps raise consciousness: Opens the higher chakras and in the right conditions allows a person to begin or to continue the journey to enlightenment and other worlds.

  3. Increased strength and vitality: It increases your life force energy and makes you stronger, more alive, revitalises relationships and leads to much greater longevity.


With Maithuna, orgasm is only a pause in the whole meditation and not the aim. The focus of Maithuna is to join mind body and spirit until you see only the god or goddess before you wearing the features of your lover.

Maithuna is very much more of a meditative and spiritual experience that transcends time and physical being. Hence the reason why it can never be achieved in a casual sexual encounter.

There should be no time limit. To explore this method you will need to set aside most of the day or a weekend entirely devoted to each other - on a regular basis!

It is a sacred act capable of elevating a couple to a higher level of spirituality. Trust is very important, so too is honesty and equality. By equality I mean most women are slower to become aroused and therefore need to lead the dance or slow the dance where necessary.

Missionary or other positions that place the male in the driving seat aren't as effective, especially if you are new to these methods.

The most perfect position for Maithuna resembles the star of David. The male crossed legged and the woman on his legs with her legs wrapped around his waist. This gives equality and openness to connect physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually with each other, without dominance or ego.

The entire ritual is a meditation and initially can take place several times and over several days with no genital penetration, only a spiritual joining that eventually leads quite naturally to joining of the flesh. Remember, orgasm is never the primary goal here, just a pleasant interlude, which can be channelled and refocussed.

This method leads to an almost telepathic link between the lovers, through openness and honesty, therefore you need to have these things present in your relationship before you begin this ritual.

Intimacy & closeness

Obviously, by partaking in the Maithuna ritual, it is unavoidable that you will deepen and strengthen the bond between you on all levels.

The meditation starts with a slow build up, bathing and massage is a common way to begin, cleansing, relaxing and leaving the rest of the world behind:

  • Use candles, incense, rose petals, essential oils (sandalwood or jasmine are particularly lovely).

  • Create a sacred space for you to be entirely together and focussed only on your lover.

  • Maintain eye contact as much as possible, for they really are the windows to the soul.

  • Touch is natural but unhurried.

This is the key to the meditation, it cannot be rushed, let your mind settle & your spirits emerge and converge.

Be together in the vibration (energy) not friction (physical).

  • Bask in the sight, sound, scent and feel of your lover.

  • Talk softly together.

  • You will naturally flow to the next stage when you are ready, forming the star of David.

  • Even after physically joining, do not rush, just hold each other, knowing you are safe and together, be slow and still.

  • You might part and eat or drink them come together once more.

  • Focus on breathing and flow, like the waves as you peak and subside, seeing only the divine in each other.

  • It becomes a meditation in reading each other and controlling yourself to please the other; but in giving even more is received.

Eventually, giving

and receiving becomes second nature, you lose awareness of whether the touch is being given or received, as two truly become one in mind, body and spirit. The whole universe is contained within two that have become one.

This is how Maithuna is reached.

Thank you for reading my ramblings. If you enjoyed this article then please share it and feel free to subscribe!

May you have many hours, days and weeks of pleasure throughout all your lifetimes together with your lover.

Peace & light to you 🙏🏽🌟ૐ )0(


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