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The gift of calmness

There are many things in our lives that cause upset, anger and stress. Our families, our relationships, our work, even our leisure activities. We compete, we feel inadequate, we mistrust, we push ourselves too hard, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. To top it all, we feel guilty about the things we are not doing. Not spending enough time with our family, not eating healthily, not exercising, not living up to the impossible standards that society dictates.

Sometimes we need to just stop, take a breath, then take another and maybe even sit down and give ourselves a break. After all, time spent doing nothing, if you enjoyed it, was not wasted time. We are not little mice that need to be on a tread wheel constantly, although we often think we should be. We are in fact sentient beings. We are spirit in a human body, therefore slowing down, calming down and quietening our minds, opens us up to reconnecting with our spirit, and ultimately will make us far more efficient in the long run.

Think about the last time you got angry, (we all do from time to time), now picture the exact same scenario except this time you remained calm…. The situation or argument would have played out very differently indeed wouldn’t it? In anger we become blinded and can often – quite literally – see red!

Allowing ourselves time to breathe, to just be in the moment, helps us to become

centred, to become calmed, and in calmness we find clarity.

Having been a primary school teacher for many years, I have learnt that the only way to deal with aggression from children, parents, or other adults is to remain calm. Indeed I have mastered this skill so well that the more incensed a person becomes, the calmer I become. In doing so, it takes the wind out of their sails, (for it is nigh on impossible to argue with a person who refuses to meet like for like), whilst allowing me to see the situation as it truly is. To hear the pain behind the words. Having said this, it is far easier to remain calm when one is not emotionally involved, my own children know just how to push my buttons – on those extremely rare occasions .

Nowadays, after years of parenting, teaching and through many hours of meditation, I have mastered the art of remaining calm (in most situations – we are after all a work in progress) and it has improved the quality of my life sevenfold. It also opened my eyes to the reality of all my relationships & brought about reconnection on a profound level with my own spirit & my spirit guides.

In truth, learning to control the stress factors in our lives, to take hold of the steering wheel and leave the drama behind, or to slam on the brakes before the drama erupts, also has huge health implications. Stress is a very real trigger for many ailments, from headaches to IBS and anything else in between, learning to control what you allow to get under your skin is not just a spiritual issue. Remember, he who angers you controls you, and at any given moment you are capable of reclaiming that control. Being aware of this is half the battle.

I made this movie during my walks on the beach with my familiars and have repeated it quite deliberately, as I find it so calming and hope you will too.

I wish you much success in your endeavours to remain calm and reclaim your life and hope that you have taken some small pleasure from my ramblings. Thank you for reading it.

Peace & light to you ૐ )0(

Ceci x

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